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Brent Goes to the Gynecologist

March 6, 2013

I went to the gynecologist’s office the other day. I had to go ’cause my skanky girlfriend needed a ride. Normally I wouldn’t take her places, but if it’s the gyno, I’m wlling ’cause I have a vested interest in keeping her vag in good condition.

The gyno’s is always slammin’ ’cause there are loads of hot chicks in there and you know they’ve all got one thing on their mind: their vag. Hot chicks thinking about their vageses it awesome. Plus, while you’re in the waiting room, you totally know that on the other side of the wall like 10 feet away, there’s a hot and well-educated doctor woman looking at another woman’s vag and it’s awesome.

It’s a great place to pick up chicks, too. Sometimes they’re with their husbands or boyfriends or some shit, so it’s tougher to pick up on those ones, but when they’re alone, oh man, it’s awesome. I just wait ’til the skank I’m with gets called to the back and then start laying down the grooves.

“Hey, what’s up. You here for your vag? Yeah, that’s cool. I totally respect the lady parts. If I was a chick, I’d take care of my vag really thoroughly. Like I’d bath it and rub it everyday and clean it with sweet smelling products and gels. Is that what you do? You keep yours all fresh and ready for action? Yeah, that’s cool. I think the vag is so important ’cause it’s like the dong goes in and a few months later a new life comes out. It’s really primal and deep and important. Yeah, I totally respect the vag and all that it stands for and performs.”

Honestly, some chicks can’t handle this level of groove, but it works at least half the time on some of the chicks I try sometimes. It’s pretty awesome. Try it out sometime.


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