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Gang Rape Fantasy

November 10, 2012

I was dating this chick once. We’ll call her “Heather Hutchinson at 165 Dixon Street Apt. 14B, Alizade, Wisconsin” just to preserve her anonymity.

We weren’t serious or anything. I’d go over once every couple weeks, hang out for a few hours, bang a couple times, and head back home. I guess you could call her a “sex-friend,” but she wasn’t really a friend, so she was just a “sex-“. Not a “friend-with-benefits,” just a “-with-benefits.” But she banged pretty good and wasn’t freaked out by my magnum like a lot of other girls, so it was cool.

Heather was one of those chicks with a rape fantasy. After we’d banged for a few weeks, she told me she wanted me to stay over that night and wake up at like 2 a.m. while she was asleep, tie her up, tape her mouth shut, and slowly but lovingly mock-rape her. I didn’t wanna do it at first since I was worried about the liability issue, so I drew up a brief contract stipulating the terms of the mock-rape so I wouldn’t be held accountable if she freaked out later and charged me with actually raping her. I recommend this approach to anyone else participating in a mock-rape situation; get it in writing first just to be safe. The last thing you want is for people to think you’re a rapist when all you did was try to fulfill a crazy bitch’s fantasy.

After a few mock-rape sessions, Heather wanted to escalate the fantasy. She gave me a key to her place and told me to come over some night during the week unannounced at like 2 a.m., sneak into her room, tie her up and mock-rape her. She thought it would be more exhilarating and realistic if she didn’t know what night it was going to happen and all that.  I don’t need to tell you that this chick was a little fucking nuts.

I drew up another contact with more specifics so I wouldn’t be held accountable for what could be considered breaking-and-entering in addition to the mock-rape act. That week, I got really busy with some other shit, so I didn’t get around to mock-breaking-and-entering to mock-rape Heather as per her wishes. The week after, I finally had a free night, so I figured I’d pop over at 2 a.m. and take care of business (Heather had done research and found that 2 a.m. was the most frightening hour to be raped at).

Heather had said she wanted to be raped by a sweaty guy who’d just come back from the gym, so I did a short jog and put on a tank top and some shorts and sneakers. I don’t need to tell you that I looked pretty fucking awesome. I headed to her place and arrived at exactly 2 a.m. I slowly opened the door, closed it and locked it behind me (as per our contract), and crept towards her room. Just as I was about to go in, I heard a floorboard squeak behind me. I reeled around and saw another dude standing there! What the fuck? We both flinched and put up our dukes to get ready to take each other on ’cause we didn’t know who the fuck each other was.

I was like, “Who the fuck are you?” and the dude goes, “I’m Sam. Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are doing here?” and I go, “I’m Brent. I’m here to fantasy-rape Heather. What the fuck are you doing here?” and Sam’s jaw drops and he goes, “Fuck off! I’m here to fantasy rape her!”

So we both realized we had a little situation, lowered our fighting hands and went to the kitchen to figure out what the fuck was going on. Just as we sat down at the table, we heard the main door lock open and saw this figure come through in the dark. Sam whispered out, “Hey! Who the fuck are you?” and the mysterious figure was really shocked but was like, “Uh, I’m Tyler. I’m here to fantasy rape Heather. Who the fuck are you guys?” and Sam and I just look at each other and go, “Oh, fuck…”

Sam was dressed like me, like a guy who just came back from the gym, but Tyler was in flip-flops, no shirt and was wearing some kind of European-looking Speedo thing with a slit in the front for easy access to his cock. Maybe that’s what they wear to the gym where he’s from.

We all talked the whole thing over and decided that since we were all here and Heather had asked us all individually to mock-rape her, we should just go ahead and all do it but do it like gang-rape style since that would probably exhilarate her more. Shit, maybe she’d even been hoping for us to meet and do it like that. Who knows… bitch was wacky. I wasn’t sure if this would be okay with Heather at first since these guys didn’t appear to have contracts like I did, but they seemed like trustworthy gentlemen.

We went into her room and started preparing for the mock-gang-rape situation. It was kind of awkward trying to figure out the delegation of duties in that situation given that none of us had ever gang raped anyone before (although I wouldn’t be surprised if Tyler had with his cock-at-the-ready Speedo; that thing seemed built for raping-on-the-go).

After we got our mock-gang-rape duties delegated, we started to go to work, but Heather woke up just as we were binding her feet together and started freaking out and screaming. She’d always pretended to scream and squirm around when I’d mock-raped her before, but this time it was different; she was actually flipping out and terrified. Sam and I looked at each other and kind of froze not knowing what to do, but Tyler ripped off some duct tape, taped her mouth shut and started to rip her clothes off. His cock also sort of automatically popped out of his weird Speedo fully sprung. Sam and I stopped him ’cause it was freaking us out that we might actually be about to gang-rape a girl who’d asked us to mock-rape her but then really didn’t want us to if it was in a group-type situation. We had too much decency and class to get involved in something like that.  Tyler was like, “Hey? What, guys? Come on, guys! She want it like in this way!” and that’s when I realized by his accent that he was definitely European or some shit.

Anyway, Sam and I managed to pull Tyler off and we all went outside (I think we just left Heather there half-tied up and freaking out; can’t remember). Tyler was like, “Hey, fuck you guys. You guys the amateurs at this game. I no gonna fuck around with the amateur like this” (his European accent was clearer now) and wandered off. Then Sam was like, “Well, if you ever meet another chick who has a real mock-gang-rape fantasy, gimme a call, bro, ’cause that would have been totally awesome tonight if she’d been into it” and I was like, “Yeah, cool, bro. You too.”

I never heard from Heather after that, but I was out late one night and happened to be in her neighborhood on the way home. It was about 2 a.m. As I drove past her building, I passed a guy who looked like he’d just come back from the gym walking towards her place and noticed another guy dressed the same going into her building. Crazy bitch must still be up to her old tricks…


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