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Groovin’ with the Water Fountain, Oh Yeah

October 30, 2012

I hate it when I’m drinking at a drinking fountain and some douchebag starts drinking at the fountain next to me and fucks up my flow. I carress the fountain on/off handle, push it gently down, put my lips down to the cool water, test it a little for temperature and taste, then start finding my rhythm, opening, sucking, swallowing, opening, sucking, swallowing… Me and the stream of water find a groove and just start jammin’ together, feeding off each other’s moisture and juices and cool sexual energy. Then some fuckwad tourist scuffles over and slams the other fountain’s switch and messes up my shit.

Maybe I’ll just start carrying an “Out of Order” sign and putting it on the other fountain while I’m suckin’ and swallowin’ with the flow of cool juices pouring forth from the network of pipes and pumps installed by the good people of the public waterworks utility and duly paid for by the citizen of this blessed state.

Suckin’ and swallowin’ and jammin’… oh yeah…


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