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Brent’s Menstrual Massage Parlor

October 21, 2012

My girlfriend came over tonight. I was hoping to get some bone time in, but she was on the rag. She was laying down, so I started to give her a sexy massage, thinking maybe I could still get a blowie or two. I noticed that she really enjoyed when I worked down to her lower back. I asked her why it felt so sexy there, and she said it helped with her cramps. Score! Maybe now I’d get some blow time!

Then later I was thinking maybe I could make a business out of this, a menstrual massage business: “Brent’s Menstrual Message Parlor.” Women on the rag would come in, I’d lay ‘em down, play some sensual smooth jazz and shit, light some candles, and massage away their menstrual cramps. Who else would give them this service? Their jackoff husbands or boyfriends? No way. It’s gotta be me, Hard Brent, with my advanced menstrual massage techniques.


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